Chocolate chestnut brownies

March 14, 2010

Last September, for my birthday, a friend gave me a little tin of that delicious French chestnut purée. I’m not usually one for leaving delights like that in the cupboard, but for some reason I hadn’t got round to using it.

So, this weekend, I was determined to come up with something chestnutty. Obviously, the perfect accompaniment to chestnuts is chocolate (well, it’s obvious to me), and, as I also had a bar of 100% pure cacao sitting around, I started searching my recipes for something that combined the two.

When it comes to baking, my first port of call is always Leith’s Baking Bible, and once again, it didn’t let me down. The recipe I actually found was for chocolate peanut butter brownies, but I thought the chestnut purée would be a perfectly workable substitute for the peanut butter.

Brownies always work best when they’re slightly undercooked, so they stay good and moist in the middle. If anything, the purée added to that moistness, and the resulting squares of chocolatey unctuousness really stick to the roof of your mouth – a surefire sign of a good brownie, in my books!


6 Responses to “Chocolate chestnut brownies”

  1. Janice Says:

    ooh good call on the peanut butter substitution, they look delicious.

  2. Choclette Says:

    Oh you are talking my kind of cooking here. I had a whole phase of making chocolate and chestnut goodies around Christmas, but didn’t come up with brownies – what a splendid idea.

  3. Mmmm what a lovely combination, I can almost feel that texture in the roof of my mouth now, I need a brownie pronto!

  4. jasnieres Says:

    Must try some for my French friends. They love what the French pronounce as broonies. Very popular here.

  5. Actually Choclette, it was looking at your recipes that reminded me I had a tin of chestnut purée in my cupboard! So, thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Anne Says:

    I have a jar of sweetened chestnut puree bought on a whim months and months ago…love brownies too so will have to give these a go!

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