Until 2010, I was lucky enough to live close to the utterly amazing Borough Market in south London, where I had access to some of the best food in the UK capital – something that played no small part in encouraging me to develop my cooking skills over the years.

I then moved to Istanbul and experienced a whole new food culture (and education). Now back in London (Peckham, to be precise), I plan to continue with the original aim of this blog – to take advantage of all the delicious and varied produce this wonderfully diverse, cosmopolitan city has to offer, and use every scrap of what’s in my fridge and food cupboards each week, ready to go and fill them up again with whatever looks fresh and seasonal.

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8 Responses to “A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME…”

  1. Miriam Says:

    I love food too and like to try out new recipes esp. if they’re quick and I can get the ingredients easily (I’m feeding three hungry and reasonably adventurous small people plus two slightly health-conscious/food loving adults). I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog – lovely so far!
    Miriam (Caroline O’Dwyer’s sister-in-law)

  2. Barbara Says:

    What a great blog, love the photos. We won’t be doing turkey this year, any ideas for simple alternative?

    • Hi Barbara, have a look at my new post about pheasant. That, I think, would be a lovely xmas day dish. Or, another bird I really like is guinea fowl. It’s quite gamey tasting, but not too much so, and it roasts and casseroles equally well.

  3. Noukette Says:

    Hi Lindsey, I really enjoyed your blog, good luck and lots of love.
    Happy Christmas, I’m sure it will be so!!!!!

  4. Gabby Ingham Says:

    Hi Lindsey! I’m impressed with your blog so far and it’s making me nostalgic for home and delicious non-Japanese food! I know you can conjure up many delights in your small but well-appointed kitchen and I’m looking forward to seeing more. I’m looking for baking tips especially, as that’s an area I’d like to improve in myself! Gabbyx

  5. Christina Says:

    I absolutely love this blog. I posted just today so this is my second one. I’m envious that you live so close to the market and I’m going to strive to have an empty cupboard one of these days. We’re chronic over buyers in the states so it will be tough but I’m going to try and do it.

  6. Chris Smith Says:

    Just seen your post at the Guardian. There’s fish and chip shop off Covent Garden, Long Acre that claims to be the oldeest in London. I think it’s certainly the best.

    • Do you mean The Rock & Sole Plaice? You’re right, it is really good. The trouble is, if I want to take my fish supper home (which is kind of what you have to do with fish’n’chips, isn’t it?), it’s just that bit too far from my flat to stay warm.
      There’s also a branch of Olley’s down off Southwark Bridge Road, which is pretty close to me. But the last few times I’ve been there, it’s been quite disappointing. Ah well, the search continues…
      But thanks for taking the time to post over here!

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