And the cupboard is full…

February 13, 2010

I have that wonderful Saturday morning feeling. I’ve been to Borough Market, my fridge is full of fresh, tasty delights and a whole weekend of culinary adventures is ahead of me. Oh, and I’ve just had breakfast.

Today it was chicken livers and a fried egg on soft white bread. Yes, it’s shop-bought sliced white, but come on, even the most dedicated foodie has to have some kind of guilty pleasure! (Although I did wait until I’d taken the photo before slopping tomato ketchup all over it…)


Yesterday was my last full day in Istanbul, so, after buying up half the Spice Market to take back to London, I needed some serious sustenance. A short walk from the Spice Market, on the road that leads away from Sirkeci train station, is another little hole-in-the-wall Istanbul secret – the best köfte in town!

There is only one meal on the menu at Filibe Köftecisi – lamb köfte, tomato and onion salad, and crusty white bread. And it’s this simplicity that is the key to its success. The man at the grill cooks each order absolutely fresh, so you’re always guaranteed a plate of perfect little balls of meaty deliciousness.

It was one of the first places Süleyman took me to when we started going out together about three years ago, and it has been a rather special place for us ever since. In fact, I joked to him yesterday that if we ever got married, we should have our wedding party there – although I’m not sure my vegeterian brother-in-law, Roland, would be too happy eating just tomatoes and bread!