L’heure de l’apéro

August 5, 2010

Having felt like something of a whirling dervish over the last couple of weeks (albeit one with the permanent fixture of a glass of wine in one hand), I’m now having a relatively settled week in France with my mum.

Inevitably, the glass of something, um, refreshing is still making a regular appearance. And, being France, an apéritif means there is always something to nibble on alongside whatever it is you’re drinking.

Last night, we sat outside and sipped a delicious cold glass of Muscat, while eating some lovely, rough local pâté on toasted bread from the boulangerie down the road, accompanied by crunchy cornichons and radishes.

The bread I hadn’t seen before over here – it’s called pain de meule and is made with a very finely stoneground French flour. The loaves are very long and sold in portions by weight, which is useful if you haven’t quite taken to the French way of consuming vast amounts of baguette with every meal.

The French way of l’apéro, however, I have taken to very easily…


4 Responses to “L’heure de l’apéro”

  1. jasnieres Says:

    Am drinking a Pineau to drown my sorrows since we said “Au Revoir” at Le Mans station. Cheers!
    Oh hell!! You have taken that lovely saucisson.
    Will have to make do with nibbles. Lottie looking very disconsolate.

  2. I haven’t taken the saucisson! It’s hanging off the saucepan rack above the tea and coffee jars. Enjoy!

  3. ooooh very nice, that wine looks rather refreshing indeed! I am a fan of accompanying nibbles 🙂

  4. It was delicious – made all the more tasty by the location in which it was being consumed!

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