To market, to market…

June 29, 2010

Last Saturday, I made my first trip to Borough Market since moving away from the area. As I’m relatively settled for the next four or five weeks in Clapham with my lovely friend Lene and her two equally lovely sons Wesley and Dexter (are you embarrassed yet, boys?), I thought I should get back into the cooking swing of things.

It was both comforting to be back on familiar territory and a little freaky, knowing that it wasn’t actually, strictly speaking, my territory any more. However, the (several) bags of goodies I managed to purchase in a very short space of time made up for any hesitation I may have felt.

Unfortunately, what I did forgot was that it was no longer a quick five-minute stroll along the road back home, but that I had to drag my bags to Clapham on a very hot and sweaty Tube. Not nice. Luckily, my memory is short, and once I got thinking about what to cook, the journey was soon forgotten.

Lene spends most Saturday nights DJing, and as she was booked to play in both Brighton and London last weekend, I said I’d make dinner for her, Dexter, and Dexter’s friend Jacob, who was having a sleepover, so she could get herself ready to go out. (Wesley, having just finished his GCSEs, was nowhere to be seen…)

Now, I don’t have much experience cooking for kids, and the impression I get is that many are not too open to the idea of unusual flavours and ingredients. However, not being particularly tolerant of fussy eaters, I decided to just cook what I wanted to cook, and see what happened.

So, the menu was fried plaice fillets (courtesy of Shellseekers), delicious, organic new potatoes, and saffron cauliflower with olives – an Ottolenghi recipe I’ve made before. On the side, we had a huge loaf of my absolute favourite bread – a tortano ring from The Flour Station, which is an Italian bread made with potato flour.

Well, I’m pleased to report that the meal went down very well with the two 12-year-olds – although, being nice, well-brought-up boys, they could have just been being polite.

But, hopefully, the empty plates were a sign they were telling me the truth!


6 Responses to “To market, to market…”

  1. Dexter Says:

    Of course i loved the meal. The way the Fish,Potato and cauliflower was cooked and made made the meal delightful.

    Great blog by the way 🙂

  2. Choclette Says:

    Good to hear from you and glad all well. Cauliflower dish sounds wonderful, no wonder those boys cleared their plates.

  3. Hey Dexter! Thanks for leaving a comment, and I’m glad to hear you loved the meal. It’s very nice to cook for someone who’s so appreciative!
    Choclette – I’d highly recommend the cauliflower recipe. Makes you realise that there’s so much more to that vegetable than simply cauliflower cheese!

  4. Mmmm looks lovely – fish, potato and cauliflower is a great combination 😀

  5. You’re right there, noblenourishment – can’t go wrong with that combination. (Unless you’re my brother-in-law, Roland, who can’t stand cauliflower. Er, and he’s a vegetarian, so it would just be boiled tatties for him!)

  6. Ravenous Ro Says:

    I am sure cauliflower has chicken it in…

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