A good pulse…

March 24, 2010

A while ago, a friend asked me if I had ever cooked the same thing twice since starting this blog, because, as far as he could tell, I wrote about something completely different every time.

Well, I now have to admit there is something I cook with great regularity, but haven’t blogged about it… until now. And that’s dhal.

I absolutely love dhal, and will happily eat my way through a big pot of the stuff on its own. Although, having said that, the great thing about it is that you can not only eat it on the side of other curries, but add any number of things to dhal and it becomes a substantial dish in itself – a kind of dansak, I suppose.

Some of the ingredients I often add to dhal include peas, leftover chopped-up chicken or lamb, spinach, prawns, tomatoes… Like I say, pretty much anything goes.

Last night, I made my basic dhal recipe, and had a cauliflower curry on the side. The cauli recipe is the same one as my sweet potato and cauliflower dish, but just without the sweet potato.

I’m sure there are as many different ways of making dhal as there are people who eat it. And I’m not sure if I got my version from a recipe somewhere or just made it up as I went along.

I always use red split lentils, and add a good pinch of ground cloves and cardamon seeds, which is what I particularly like about my recipe – although I’m sure, if they’re not your bag, you could leave them out.

Anyway, its appearance may not get top marks from the Masterchef guys, but sometimes substance has to win over style.


3 Responses to “A good pulse…”

  1. Ailsa Says:

    I had dahl tonight too! I always follow a recipe though as I can never remember the spices and their quantities – there are a lot of them in the recipe I use, although no cardamom or cloves.

    I had a couple of friends round for dinner, so the dahl accompanied a paneer and spinach curry which was concocted with my home-made tikka paste.

    Oh, and I followed it up with home-made lemon ice cream – another blast from our childhood!

  2. Gabby Says:

    Hi! Here I am on my parents’ new computer! My Mum has expressed an interest in seeing your blog.
    I’ve never been too good with dahl, since having it that time in India when I was feeling really rough…
    Ailsa’s lemon ice cream rocked!!!

  3. Hi Gabby and Marianne! Gabby, I’m not surprised you struggle with eating dhal after our trip to Kerala. You were quite spectacularly ill for a few days, I seem to remember!
    Maybe you need to try my recipe of it to get you over your aversion…
    PS Don’t worry, I won’t make you eat it when you come to mine for dinner tomorrow night!

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