What’s in your cupboard?

March 13, 2010

If you have any interest in food, when you’re shopping, it’s always fascinating to see what other people are buying. And Borough Market is the perfect place to have a nose in random stranger’s baskets.

This morning, I found myself following people around, curious to know what they were going to cook with the things they were buying. Then, I suddenly thought, why not just ask!

So, here is the inaugural post of what I hope will become a regular feature on And The Cupboard Was Bare…, which I’ve titled What’s In Your Cupboard?

The kind couple who allowed me to poke around in their morning’s shopping had come up to Borough Market from Surrey. And their plans for the contents of their brightly coloured shopper sounded very tasty indeed.

The selection of field, shitake and girolle mushrooms were intended for a risotto, while the leeks were going to be an addition to their Sunday roast – chicken stuffed with the paprika-filled onion chorizo they’d bought from a small Spanish food stall at the market.

Using chorizo as a stuffing is not something I’ve come across before, but I have to admit, my mouth was watering as it was described to me.

It sounds absolutely delicious, and it’s just a shame they live all the way down in Surrey, or I’d be knocking on their door tomorrow lunchtime, asking to join them.


3 Responses to “What’s in your cupboard?”

  1. Ravenous Ro Says:

    You ignored them lovely looking leeks

  2. Bron Says:

    Being a stickybeak myself think this is a great idea for a blog!

  3. Thanks Bron. I really enjoyed doing it – despite being told where to go by the first grumpy old woman I asked! Luckily, it didn’t put me off.

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