Carrot and sesame guacamole

March 11, 2010

Having been out for dinner last night (a surprisingly good veal chop at an Italian restaurant in Southgate), and again tonight (a slightly more healthy sushi restaurant this time), I thought I’d show you what’s on my lunch menu today, instead.

I was not fond of avocados as a child, finding them way too rich. And, for many years into adulthood, I assumed I still didn’t like them.

However, I have recently discovered that, actually, I do like them – although, admittedly, they have to be fairly heavily spiced up for me to really enjoy them.

So, a guacamole of some sort or another, with plenty of chilli or pul biber, is generally my preferred way of eating avocados. This morning, I added a grated carrot and a scattering of sesame seeds to the mix, and spooned the whole lot onto a bed of salad leaves.

There’s a little Lebanese takeaway near my office that does bags of toasted, seasoned flat bread – it’s a delicious accompaniment to my avocado salad, and one of my current favourite lunchtime snacks.


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