Get your oats!

March 2, 2010

I don’t normally blog about specific brands or labels – I reckon they do very well, thank you, without my help. But when I was in Neal’s Yard Dairy and spotted these rough, thick, crunchy-looking oatcakes in a basket by the till, I knew I had to try them. And once I’d tried them, I knew I’d have to share this not-so-delicate delicacy!

The oatcakes were so tempting that I couldn’t even wait to leave the shop before tearing open the packet to eat one. And, as I was leaving, one of the women who works there and was tempting passers-by with samples of various cheeses, spotted me munching away, and offered me a little something to go with the oatcake. (It turned out that she was Scottish, so understood my urgent need to stuff it in my gob!)

So there I stood, on the street outside Neal’s Yard Dairy at 10am in the morning, eating an impromptu picnic of cheese and biscuits, chatting to a nice Scottish lady about the merits of Colston Bassett Stilton and washed rind goat’s milk cheese. And very nice it was too.

I had all sorts of plans for the remaining oatcakes, but none came to fruition. The few remaining crumbs that were left by the time I got home were simply slathered in butter and eaten standing up in the kitchen. Oh well, I’ll just have to go back and get some more…


One Response to “Get your oats!”

  1. jasnieres Says:

    Get some for me. They sound as though they may be as good as the ones we used to get from the bakery at Muir of Ord. I remember buying a dozen packets and we had eaten them all within a few days.
    I buy Ditty’s oatcakes when I am in England. They are from Northern Ireland and are absolutely scrumptious.
    I usually buy several packets, but they don’t last very long.
    I have been saying for about 40 years that I must try and make some. Maybe the time has come …

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