And the cupboard is full…

February 13, 2010

I have that wonderful Saturday morning feeling. I’ve been to Borough Market, my fridge is full of fresh, tasty delights and a whole weekend of culinary adventures is ahead of me. Oh, and I’ve just had breakfast.

Today it was chicken livers and a fried egg on soft white bread. Yes, it’s shop-bought sliced white, but come on, even the most dedicated foodie has to have some kind of guilty pleasure! (Although I did wait until I’d taken the photo before slopping tomato ketchup all over it…)


One Response to “And the cupboard is full…”

  1. jasnieres Says:

    Shop bought sliced white bread covered in thick butter and syrup. Oh bliss!!
    Not so good with French bread – anyway, I don’t have any syrup.
    Has just made me think of childhood memories – white bread, butter and grated chocolate or demerara sugar – special treats my mum did on a Saturday afternoon.

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