When cookbooks go wrong…

January 21, 2010

Okay, so I think we’re all agreed the French can cook. But after flicking through the publication pictured here, I have serious doubts about whether they can write cookbooks.

My mum spent the New Year in Brittany and bought this cookery book, called Les Recettes Bretonnes, for me while she was there. She posted it to me at work, and I have to admit that my colleague Zoe and I had a very good laugh at it when it arrived.

Zoe’s mother-in-law is French, so she’s familiar with a number of the recipes in this book – although, she assures me, the dishes she’s eaten have looked vastly different to these ones.

And, really, when a cake recipe is illustrated with a photo of something that looks like a flat, burnt pancake, while on another page, there’s a photo of a very grey dead-looking fish, with its nose tied to its tail – well, all I’m tempted to do is turn the page!


One Response to “When cookbooks go wrong…”

  1. Chistr Says:

    Hum, i have to add to that, if that’s those thin orange cover books/leaflets from Mt Saint Michel, they suck big time.. I bought 2 of those last summer, and i havent been able to finish even one recipe wich would look good and taste good. I had Brittany cooking and Crepe books. I still rely of friends who are from Brittany or still live there. Love the area and food, im gladly going back there in 3 months .) cant wait to get some cider and chicken..not to mention seafood, maybe this year i will get even good recipes 🙂

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