Something fishy…

January 7, 2010

Yesterday was Süleyman’s birthday and, as he loves fish, we headed off to Kumkapi fish market to get something special for dinner. Kumkapı is probably Istanbul’s most well-known place to buy fish, but to be honest, wherever I’ve bought it here, it’s been exceptionally fresh and tasty.

Usually when we cook fish at home, we get a fairly large sea bream or bass each, but this time we decided to get several small ones so we could try something different. We ended up with red mullet, striped mullet and whiting. (The whiting, I was delighted to discover, were full of roe, which I cooked up into an omelette for breakfast this morning.)

I shallow-fried the fish in some olive oil and we ate it with a rocket salad and saffron potatoes – a favourite dish of mine from the first Moro cookbook. I’ll post the recipe when I get back to London – it really is a supremely delicious way to cook potatoes.


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