Anchovy and cherry tomato risotto

December 9, 2009

I bought a huge bag of cherry tomatoes at the market on Saturday, and they looked like they were heading fast towards their ‘use-by’ even then – but at a quid for the bag, I couldn’t really pass them up. Anyway, by last night they were looking pretty soft, so I thought I better use them up quick. I’m not really a big risotto fan but this one I love. I add a couple of anchovy fillets (one of those essential ingredients my fridge is never without) when I’m softening the onions and, as the tomatoes were very soft already, I just popped them into the risotto when the rice was pretty much cooked – so the tomatoes just heat through, rather than cook. Then I chucked in a handful of parsley and chives, and it’s done.


One Response to “Anchovy and cherry tomato risotto”

  1. Ed Says:

    It’s a nice trick, adding tomatoes to something like this at the last minute so that they don’t really cook. It adds a lovely fresh taste to a dish.

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