Orange, almond and cardamom buns

December 6, 2009

On Friday, feeling like I was coming down with a bit of a cold, I bought three big, fat navel oranges. Luckily, the cold didn’t materialise, so I decided the oranges deserved a fate slightly more interesting than a glass of juice. Turning to my favourite book for cakes, Leith’s Baking Bible, I found a recipe for orange buns. And, as we’re now well and truly on the slippery slope to Christmas, I decided to spice them up a bit with a pinch of ground cardamom.

The recipe says these buns freeze well (before icing), but I think I’ll be taking them into work tomorrow. After all, part of the pleasure of cooking is seeing others enjoy the fruits of your labour!


9 Responses to “Orange, almond and cardamom buns”

  1. Ed Says:

    You’ve mentioned Leith’s Baking Bible a few times now so I decided to go and buy one. Found it 2nd hand for £13.99…not bad for 688 pages. I have a feeling I won’t regret this purchase; nor I hope will the family.

    • You certainly won’t regret it, Ed. It’s one of those books where you go, ‘Hmm, I’ve got some dried apricots, half a bar of dark chocolate and a bag of oatmeal – what can I do with that? Ah, here we are, a recipe for apricot, chocolate, oatie things!’

  2. Ravenous Ro Says:

    Hmmm orange buns. I want that one….

    Love the blog name, we have a wierd and wonderfull mixture in our pantry, perhaps I may have to post a few to get some suggestions.

    Look forward to the next installment

  3. Karen Says:

    These sound delicious, Lindsey. Can you post a link to the recipe on your blog?

    • Hi Karen. I’m working on a recipe section for the blog at the moment, so as soon as it’s up and running, I’ll be posting the backlog of what has already appeared. Hopefully won’t take me long!

  4. Ian F Says:

    Sounds bloomin’ lovely! Looking forward to your recipe. 🙂

  5. Nicky Noodles Says:

    Sticky Orange Icy Buns! Mmmmm. Ava and I want some!

    Always best to share your buns! x

  6. Ailsa Says:

    I sampled one of these buns last night, and am pleased to report it entirely lived up to expectations.

  7. Nick Says:

    Hey Blondie,
    Nice blog. I couldn’t give a sun-dried fig about cuisine but appreciate hi-res photography used appropriately.
    You are bookymarked, so keep up the good work, ease off on the exclamation marks and one day I may care about cookin’.

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